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Natural Gas Market Overview: Normal Weather Leads To 'Abnormal' Consumption

July 29, 2019  

This report covers the week ending July 26, 2019.

Total Demand

We estimate that aggregate demand for American natural gas (consumption + exports) totaled around 612 bcf for the week ending July 26 (down 5.3% w-o-w but up 1.9% y-o-y). The deviation from the norm remained positive, but declined from +22.10% to +14.90%. We calculate that total natural gas demand in the U.S. has been expanding in annual terms for 13 consecutive weeks now (see the chart below).

Last week, the weather conditions cooled down significantly across the Lower-48 states. We estimate that the nationwide cooling degree days (CDDs) plunged by as much as 16.5% w-o-w in the week ending July 26. Total energy demand (measured in total degree-days - TDDs) was 13.0% below last year's level. Still, total demand for natural gas is growing in annual terms due to bullish non-degree day factors and stronger exports as well as because of structural factors.

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