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Bluegold Research makes sense of market data so you don't have to. We collect loads of information and analytics and use it to produce a clear picture on current and future trends in the US natural gas market.

This website was launched specifically to aide small independent traders that have exposure to NYMEX (Henry Hub) Natural Gas futures. Whether your exposure is direct (via futures) or indirect (via CFDs and various ETFs), we can help you make informed decisions. Our membership service offers access to a unique collection of fundamental indicators + timely weather updates that enable traders to speculate on short-term, mid-term and long-term trading opportunities.

Our standard fee is just $2.00 per day ($60 per month). However, if you subscribe for a longer period, you will also receive additional bonus (free days). See the available subscription options below. You can also sign up for a 10-day free trial.

Membership Type Duration Actual number of days Total Price Price per day* Real Savings Renewal Bonus Special Offers
1 month 30 $60.00 $2.00 0% 5% -
2 months 61 $120.00 $1.97 2%
3 months 92 $180.00 $1.96 2%
4 months 126 $240.00 $1.90 5% 5% -
5 months 161 $300.00 $1.86 7%
6 months 198 $360.00 $1.82 9%
7 months 236 $420.00 $1.78 11% 5%
8 months 276 $480.00 $1.74 13%
9 months 317 $540.00 $1.70 15%

Please note, that you only pay when you wish to pay. Memberships will not auto-renew. You will not be charged automatically when your membership expires. To become a member, please register and top-up your account.

*implied cost per day = total price / no. of days

You can also subscribe for Bluegold Research on Seeking Alpha. You will receive an abridged version of natural gas analytics (only the most critical stuff) for only $45 per month (if you choose a monthly plan) or $37.50 per month (if you choose an annual plan). Click here to try it for free. 



If you are based in an emerging market and/or if the value of your national currency has been under pressure lately, you may qualify for a reduced membership fee. Get in touch with us for further details.

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