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President Donald Trump on Thursday will lay out his plan for reducing regulations to boost already-abundant U.S. production of oil, natural gas and coal and export it around the world, creating American jobs and helping allies.
June 23, 2017   Platts  |  Chile  |  coal natural gas demand electric power LNG
Chile's gas-fired power plants generated 1,425 GWh of electricity in May, up 39% from the same month of 2016, as the grid operator turned to thermoelectric generation to compensate for limited hydroelectric supplies, the most recent government data showed.
June 23, 2017   Argus  |  United States  |  coal electric power regulation
The natural gas industry is working to counter claims from officials in President Donald Trump's administration who say preserving coal-fired power plants is needed to preserve the reliability of the electric grid.
June 22, 2017   Reuters  |  China  |  coal electric power regulation
China's state planner will reduce surcharges paid by coal-fired power producers, paving the way for provincial authorities to raise prices charged to the grid operator, according to a document sent to regional officials and power producers and seen by Reuters.
June 22, 2017   Argus  |  Germany  |  coal electric power regulation
Germany's FDP party expects the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) to deliver a slow exit from coal-fired power generation while the Green Party said its manifesto pledge of closing 20 power plants within the next four years could be a red line in any potential coalition talks.
Stronger coal output and lower uplift and congestion costs overpowered heavier loads, weaker wind and virtually flat natural gas prices to push Midcontinent Independent System Operator average real-time power prices lower in May, an analysis of data presented to stakeholders Wednesday showed.
June 16, 2017   Reuters  |  United States  |  coal regulation
U.S. President Donald Trump is sending U.S. energy production "back to the past" with disastrous decisions to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement and to promote the coal industry, a senior Vatican official said on Friday.
June 16, 2017   Reuters  |  China  |  coal electric power
China's thermal coal futures rallied to a record high on Friday, lifting September futures to a premium over October, as a prolonged hot spell spurred power demand and low water levels dented hopes of higher hydro output, said three industry sources.
June 16, 2017   Reuters  |  China  |  coal regulation
China will allow some coal mines to increase capacity, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) said on Friday, as Beijing ramps up efforts to boost supply for summer.
June 16, 2017   Reuters  |  Europe Netherlands  |  coal electric power regulation
The leader of the Green Left party in the Netherlands said on Friday that he did not think the country's coal-fired power plants would close by the end of the next governing period.
US electric power sector coal burn is expected to total 699 million st in 2017, up 20 million st from 2016, assuming natural gas prices meet expectations, according to coal and gas reports released Thursday. 
June 16, 2017   Argus  |  Germany  |  coal electric power regulation
The new coalition government of the central west German state of North Rhine-Westphalia will back the lignite sector and lobby on a national level for an end to subsidies for new renewable energy facilities.
June 14, 2017   Reuters  |  China  |  coal electric power
China's coal production rose 12 percent in May from a year ago, its fastest pace of growth in years, as miners ramped up output ahead of an expected summer pick-up in demand, official data showed on Wednesday.
Global energy demand continued its sluggish rise last year as growth in Chinese consumption fell to its lowest in nearly two decades, while renewables flourished, BP said in a report on Tuesday.
June 8, 2017   Reuters  |  China  |  coal regulation
China, the world's largest coal buyer, imported 22.19 million tonnes of coal in May, down 10.5 percent from a month earlier, preliminary customs data showed on Thursday, as sluggish domestic prices and tightening import policies hurt demand.
June 2, 2017   Fuel Fix  |  United States  |  coal electric power
The U.S. power sector consumed 677 million short tons of coal last year, the lowest level since 1984, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported Friday.
June 2, 2017   Reuters  |  United States  |  coal electric power regulation
U.S. President Donald Trump's top economic adviser on Friday said the nation's withdrawal from the Paris climate accord will help keep energy markets competitive, allowing for a potential comeback in coal prices and the U.S. coal industry.
June 1, 2017   Argus  |  United States  |  coal electric power
US coal production continued to recover as power plants worked through inventories and extreme weather events constrained global supply, the Federal Reserve's latest business activity survey shows.
May 30, 2017   PIRA  |  United States  |  coal electric power
March 2017 electric power sector stockpiles came in at 163.9 MMst according to last week's EIA press release, 15% lower than last year. 
May 28, 2017   Times of India  |  China  |  coal
Authorities in Shanxi, one of China's biggest coal-producing regions, have vowed to suspend or slow the construction of 120 million tonnes of coal production capacity from 2016 to 2020, the official Xinhua agency reported on Sunday.
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