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Natural Gas Trading: The Bears Want It All

April 23, 2019  

Trading View

As many of you know, we started to look for opportunities to go long natural gas once its price fell below $2.600 per MMbtu (see this article from April 17). In retrospect, it is clear that we entered the bulls' camp to early. Thankfully, we started with a small position, and we are still far from being aggressive. In any case, it appears that the bulls will have to put up a serious fight to get their slice of the pie.

We, as traders (who have been leaning bullish over the past few days), are in a rather awkward situation right now. On the one hand, we see clear bearish signals:

  • annual storage surplus is still projected to grow (although at a rather measured pace);
  • storage deficit relative to 5-year average is projected to shrink (also, at a relatively slow pace);
  • dry gas production remains very strong, and y-o-y supply-demand balance (both "weather-projected" and "weather-neutral") is still expected to remain positive (i.e., bearish);
  • the general bearish sentiment is very strong (May contract is down more than 10% - the most bearish performance in ten years).

On the other hand, there are factors which favor the bulls:

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